Holding Mama

About the book:

“Why did no one tell me it would be this hard?” This was the question Caryn asked Caitlin over a voice note when she arrived home from hospital after the birth of her daughter. Like many mothers, she was bewildered by the irony of needing to soldier on and nurture a newborn while being in her most fragile state.

Caitlin, a fellow Mama and medical doctor, has a passion for all aspects of women’s health. Caryn is a Life Coach whose clients include pregnant and new mums as she helps them navigate the monumental shift that is motherhood.

This book was borne from years of messages and voice notes shared cross-continent between these two Mamas navigating pregnancy and early postpartum and speaks to the gap they feel in society: Who is there to hold Mama?

This guide and journal is the room for Mama to breathe, her companion to remind her to reconnect with herself while she holds her baby. This is for the mum who is feeling apprehensive excitement and the mum who is seeking deep transformation in the birth of her new role.

Holding Mama is conversational in style, honest and written to hold and nurture; and to be savoured, in bite-size chunks; just enough before the coffee gets cold.

This is not just another pregnancy book. This is not a textbook on how to care for a baby. This is about the mind, body and soul of a Mum longing to discover the mother that has just been born and to find integration in this new life that feels foreign. It is a book to hold Mamas in their unique experiences and to equip them with tools for the unending journey of motherhood.

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About the authors:

Caitlin is a medical doctor with a passion for women’s health and holistic medicine. She works at a private GP practice with a focus on preventing illness through health optimisation using nutritional as well as regenerative medicine. She has a number of years of experience with intravenous iron and vitamin infusions to treat nutritional deficiencies as well as body identical hormone therapy to treat PMS, PCOS and peri-menopausal symptoms. Caitlin is wife to David, mum to Peter and Daniel and lives in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Conversations, coffee and cuddles are what fuel her motherhood journey.

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Caryn is a life coach who has a special interest in coaching teenagers, mothers and adults seeking direction in life. Her life coaching approach is focused on one’s way of being – to shift one’s reality on the holistic level of mood, body and language. These three threads of her coaching are woven through the journaling section. Caryn is wife to Steven, mama to Sienna and Kolbe and lives in Durban, South Africa. Coffee, croissants and writing (preferably combined together) are what fuel her motherhood journey.

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Designer: A special shout out to Kelly Lubbee who put in many many hours of hard work designing Holding Mama.

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